Be Gender Intelligent Deep Dive Report

Last month, I was really honored to be invited to participate in a two day Deep Dive with the founder of the Gender Intelligence Group (GIG), Barbara Annis. The group of 10 attendees were from diverse companies including Zappos, the largest Canadian food and drug retailing chain and a large U.S. insurance company specializing in disability insurance. Women outnumbered the men 2 -1 but I found the participation and insights to be equal.

For those that have been exposed to the Be Gender Intelligent learning experience by attending our Forum 2016 in NYC, or attending the CEDIA 2016 Luncheon or through the webinar that Women in Consumer Technology presented in October know that the Pearson produced learning experience is based upon the brain science research conducted by Barbara and the GIG. The Deep Dive curriculum consists of working in teams with plenty of collaboration to understand the direct impact on productivity and profitability that a gender intelligent organization realizes. The business drivers include recruitment, engagement, retention, advancement and productivity with an impact at all levels.

My take aways include adding new meaning to the words, blind spots, assumptions and misunderstandings. Just by enhancing my sensitivity and awareness to the possibility that I am not hearing what someone is saying because of these filters, was enlightening

Find out more about the Be Gender Intelligent effects on organizations around the world and an outline of the learning experience on our website at

And enjoy this clip from Kendra Thomas’s presentation at CEDIA.

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