Introducing a new website resource community, dedicated for experienced professionals.

Why Next Phase Network?

The unemployment rates among professional and managerial workers with 15+ years of experience is higher than reported — up to 40% in that age bracket according to some statistics. Additionally, most unemployment datasets do not reflect the under-employed. As the demographics continue to shift from the boomers to millennials, many experienced professionals find themselves sidelined from better corporate opportunities or shut out all together.

In this environment, it is important for these professionals to be able to seek new opportunities, diversify their streams of income, and plan for the unexpected.  is designed to serve as a resource for experienced professionals to:

– connect with others in the same phase of their career.

– research new business opportunity creation strategies, financing, and health/wellness

– exchange leads and ideas

– develop unique partnerships and business opportunities

– find senior level roles in companies

– get help from the community on starting your own business


No one needs to know your business.

Members & visitors to the site will be allowed to participate anonymously so they can engage, network and explore these opportunities separately from their current profession. 

To learn more or check out their website at

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