Survey Monkey Results – Forum 2016

Wow!  Here are the results of our Survey Monkey, following up on our incredible Forum 2016.  The best news is that 100% of respondents said they’d be back for Forum 2017!  Wow!  Thanks to all and look forward to seeing everyone at CEDIA EXPO.

First time attendee – 48%


Rate Overall Event:

76% Excellent

19% Very Good

5% Good

“Great Energy!”


Gail Sheehy:

76% Excellent

5% VG

14% G

“Great Storytelling/real world advice”

“Very informative through Passages”


Sam Horn:

62% Excellent

10% VG

29% Good

“Very informed take through the 8 keys to getting your attention. Loved building in spaces for whims.”

“I always enjoy listening to Sam speak. She’s an amazing presenter. Please ALWAYS make sure she”’s included in the Women in CT events!


Connect Circles Workshops:

56% Excellent

30% VG

10% G


“Just wish there was more time. Fantastic!”


Kendra Thomas:    

95% Excellent

5% Good



“Simply outstanding”

“Very Informative and she was such an enthusiastic and dynamic speaker!”

“It was a very well presented topic. The topic is interesting but can be fairly mundane if not presented well and Kendra did an excellent job!”


Karyn and Danielle with Andrea Smith:

65% Excellent

15% VG

15% G


The Rubin Museum:

74% Excellent

21% VG

5% G

“Lived in NYC my whole life and I never knew it existed! Fantastic!”

“Great venue and convenient to the main conference. Luncheon was excellent.”

“I love the Rubin”

“Would have loved better wifi connectivity!”



45% Excellent

40% VG

15% G


Will Attend Forum 2017 – 100%

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