The Power Of Collaboration: The Girls’ Lounge at CES & Davos 2016

We are so lucky to know Shelley Zalis! You may remember her from our Forum 2014 in NYC where she gave a riveting Closing Keynote or you may have visited the Girl’s Lounge at CES where she has hosted panels and speakers including a visit from Megan J. Smith, the Chief Technology Officer at the White House. In this link The Girl’s Lounge at this year’s CES is highlighted in addition to the first Girl’s Lounge hosted at Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum. Heady stuff!

And in today’s Sunday NY Times on the front page of the Style section, here is a spotlight on Shelley Zalis and The Girl’s Lounge!

A big hug to Shelley and her wonderful team. They inspire us every day with their culture of care. XXXOOO

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